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Through green initiatives—such as the Built Green program, Energy Star participation, and our distinct in-house recycling strategies—we  have managed to reduce the expected waste of home construction by over 60%.


We are Built Green Program Certified

A successful Built Green certification is based on cost-effective housing, healthier, more durable housing, and housing that has a lower impact on the environment.

The programs address seven key areas of sustainable building: energy & envelope, materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and building practices. 

Energy Star Participation

ENERGY STAR® Canada is administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) but it is brought to life by its Participants.

There are more than 1,000 business and organizations across the country that have signed a formal arrangement with NRCan to promote energy efficiency in the manufacture, sale and operation of products and equipment.

This highly successful industry-government partnership is transforming the way Canadians use energy.



Unsurpassed In-House Recycling Strategy

A significant advantage to building a home or commercial structure in a factory is how it benefits the environment.  By building indoors, Green Homes can maximize the use of every material: there is less spoilage, and therefore, less material is thrown away.  Our business process allows for efficient collection of waste material for recycling.  Visit a home construction site, and see how much waste is strewn across the area and never collected for recycling.  Our building process is a greener and more energy efficient process.


Unique Building Standard Creates a More Energy Efficient Building


  • All exterior wall sheathing is glued and stapled to the studs and belt rails leaving no exterior sheathing unsupported by framing.  Our sheathing also laps the floor framing and perimeter of the roof.

  • The standard framing for a Green Home is 2×6 on 24″ centers. Most windows fit between standard framing centers, so there is no need for extra studs and allows for extra insulation.

  • A special exterior wall stud design allows the installation of windows and doors without needing extra studs or headers.

  • Our unique header detail makes it possible to insulate the header, thereby reducing thermal bridging.

  • Our exterior wall header detail also allows them to move roof trusses around as necessary without adding additional wall framing.

  • The interior side of the exterior wall is designed in such a way that the gyproc is glued to the belt rails while still providing a continuous vapor barrier.

  • All electrical boxes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, and all wires are fastened and sealed with caulking.  All penetrations in the walls and ceiling through the vapor barrier are sealed with caulking.

       All of these unique features create a tight structure and a more energy efficient building.


High Insulation and Double Glazed Low Emissivity Windows as a Standard


  • The insulation standard for Green Homes A277 home spec homes is R60 in the roof, R24 in the interior walls, and R40 in the floor.

  • Our  standard window is a double-glazed low emissivity window.  And, of course, we have an R9 window available for even greater energy performance.  This way of building is proven to reduce energy consumption for all of our homes. 

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